Why compare?! Love yourself..

I have recently read this extremely inspiring article. Allowing me to realize many things in today’s society. I would like to share it with you: http://lifeisrozie.com/2015/03/08/are-you-beautiful-i-asked-100-men-what-physical-beauty-is-and-the-results-shocked-me/

As we all know, girls tend to be very self conscious and insecure about their looks (etc). This society today is so judgmental and brainwashing that teenage girls believe that beauty is “That in order to be LOVED you must be beautiful: and that BEAUTY only looks like what is being modeled before us in the media” (lifeisrozie.com). This is so accurate. People look at celebrities and magazine covers and say “I wish I had her legs”, “I wish I looked like that, her lips are perfect”. These common sentences are expressed by many young teens. We envy others and this is what brings our own self esteem down, no longer loving the unique qualities of ones self. What young teens have going wrong is that they disregard their perfectly imperfect selves and want as well as wish for everything that others have. This is totally normal…jealousy and insecurities are a part of life. Teens are bound to compare. However, in my opinion based on today’s society I think their definition of beauty is awful. It is leaving teens unable to embrace their own unique selves. They are comparing themselves not only to their fellow peers but also to these photoshopped essentially unrealistic images of celebrity individuals!!! It’s crazy. Aside from the celebrity standpoint, there is still a high rate of judgment and comparing between girls and their friends. It is important to love yourself because by comparing it’s gives such a down awful feeling, masking your true beauty. Doesn’t it feel like your so unimportant when you compare?! So why do it?? You really need to allow your personality to shine through and not be afraid of judgment. Being who you are is true beauty. You need to believe that no one is better than you. The truth is a beautiful woman is someone who takes care of herself by embracing her own unique beauty, and who LOVES HERSELF.  Be beautiful inside & out.  What’s inside is much more important. Just be yourself and everyone will love you. Stay true…








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